Automated Tax Reporting.

Botfiler helps accounting firms efficiently process tax returns and collaborate with clients by automating the tax reporting process.

How it works


Trusted by Global Firms and Tax Organisations in 6 regions.

We're getting to grips with tax regimes across Europe: Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland and Sweden.

Accountants manage & track everything from one place

Perfect for a central team and the junior staff to collaborate.

Clients engage digitally anywhere in the world

Sign all request documents across multiple entities and manage access to information for GDPR compliance.

Evidence providers can automate responses

Get a simple login to resolve tax requests instantly and connect directly with all clients.

Botfiler's mission is to deliver the best tax solution

  • Automatic roll-forward capabilities means no more manual re-work
  • Staff spend less time on manual paper based work
  • Reporting metrics to drive tax improvements
  • Validated secure network
  • Improve client experience during engagements
  • Queries raised by either party can be resolved as they arise

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