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VAT calculated in less
than 5 seconds.

• Onboarding and Xero integration takes 5 minutes
• Prepares VAT3 Cash-basis and Invoice-basis
• Robust VAT processes


Trusted by SMEs across Ireland.

Botfiler was created by a team of frustrated Xero accountants in Ireland who were tired of computing VAT returns in Excel. So we decided to develop Bots to do it for us.

What we love about Botfiler

"I love how Botfiler extracts data from Xero within seconds."

Conor McGowanManaging Director - Amergin Group

"Botfiler not only computes the VAT Return for all our clients, it also allows easy filing on - it's brilliant!"

Mark SweetmanCo-founder

Why Botfiler?


Prepare VAT Returns Quickly

Let a Bot prepare the VAT Return for your business or your client's business and free up time spent wasted making Excel-based VAT calculations.

Limit Transcription Errors

Make sure you don't fat-finger important VAT Returns. Botfiler only interfaces with computers, making transcription errors impossible.

Perfect Audit Trail

See all your VAT Returns in one place, and query data on the fly.

Current and Future Applications

Botfiler is a technology platform that is integrated with leading cloud accounting software applications that allows you to fully automate your VAT processes.

Cloud Integrations

Seamlessly extracts accounting & VAT information from Xero in a matter of seconds - no need to run Sales Tax reports from Xero and dump information into Excel

Machine Learning

Botfiler utilises AI to calculate your VAT3 return in 5 seconds or less - it can comprehend reverse-charges, VAT on sales, VAT on purchases and unusual expenditure items.

MTD-style Filing with ROS

Quickly export your VAT3 return into an exportable file for a quick and easy upload into

Email Reminders

Send notifications throughout the entire VAT period, from Day 1. Get the client to give you the information you need, and keep them updated on what's happening.

Client Approval

Get client approval before each return is filed. This way, the client is aware of what needs to be paid to Revenue, and gives you peace-of-mind.

Management Console

See how many returns are filed and how many still to go - giving you a complete picture of where you stand across all your client companies.

Arrange a demo today and we'll show you its features.

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